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Travertine is a crystallised form of limestone. This beautiful sedimentary rock is characterised by its natural surface full of pits and voids, as well as the unique lines and patterns on its surface, offering a wide variety of colours and shades.

Interestingly enough, the colour of travertine is susceptible to metamorphosis after it’s been manufactured. For example, pale shades may become brighter due to the oxidation of iron salts in the stone’s structure.

There is a range of colour varients available ranging from creams, greys, silvers, and mocha hues. Travertine is recognised as a hard wearing and long-lasting stone, that can withstand both hot and cold temperature extremes. Since the ancient times, travertine has been used as part of construction and flooring projects due to its beauty and strength. Nowadays, travertine is one of the most popular natural stones used for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes. This is due to its affordability, as well as its low maintenance and cleaning requirements. It is suited for flooring, as well as paving, and is often applied around swimming pools.