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 Marble Cladding
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Marble cladding is the ideal way to add a touch of beauty to the interior or exterior of any property. With cladding, only thin layers of marble are applied to the existing structure, creating a complete look of natural stone. As marble is such a versatile and timeless material, it can be applied both inside and outside, and will look stylish forever.

Besides adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to the exterior of a building, by hiding the core building materials, cladding is also an effective way in which you can protect your property from various elements. Since cladding is applied to an existing wall, it acts as a barrier between the core wall of your property and the outside elements. Therefore, when cladding is applied, your property is protected from water intrusion, etc. 

Cladding can also act as an insulator. When the extra layer of stone is applied to an existing wall, it thickens the wall and contributes to keeping temperatures on the inside stabilised.

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