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 Dry-stack Blocks
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This type of walling is the most common of the domestic masonry walling systems. Walls are constructed by dry-stacking purpose made interlocking blocks. There are dozens of types and colours on the market BUT not all are suitable for ALL applications.

Depending on the block design, they can either be laid in a ‘setback’ format or ‘vertical’ format.

Setback refers to each course being stepped back from the one below it as the height of wall increases.

Vertical refers to the face of the wall remaining flush so that the face is straight and near vertical. This type of walling is favoured as it requires less room and is ideal in a courtyard situation where the walling, through good design, can be fully utilised as seating.

As previously discussed, the height of the wall required will determine what block you should consider. Once you approach heights of 1000mm the number of types of block systems that are suitable reduces considerably.

For walls exceeding 1000mm high there are very few dry stack walling systems that can be used. Depending on the ground type, loading, construction type and drainage issues that will need addressing, your choice of walling is crucial. Your choice of contractor more so.

The most common type of finish is the ‘splitface’ block. There are other options which will surprise you in their affordability and finish.

This is where advice from the qualified people at Premier Bricks becomes invaluable. Structural landscaping is our speciality and we are more than happy to provide you with the right products for your project.