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Premier Bricks is the sole Newcastle distributor of Cultured Stone. Not since man started living in dwellings built entirely of stone has the stone finish been so popular.

Stone has always been associated with strength, durability and longevity. Without question it adds beauty and character to any building, space or area. Along with these characteristics it can also be heavy, unyielding, expensive and difficult to install.

This is simply no longer the case. Cultured Stone as a product has been available in the U.S for the past 50 years. Over this time it has been refined as a product into what it is today. That is a light weight cladding product that is simply the most realistic imitation stone available today.

There is a vast range of colours, textures and shapes. Each piece is individually cast in moulds made from real stone and meticulously hand coloured to achieve an amazing faux stone.

Premier Bricks has a number of these stone types on display in large outdoor panels so you can see and feel just what an incredible product Cultured Stone is.