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 Concrete Roof Tiles - Boral
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RANGE - This modern range of concrete tiles is available in a diverse array of profiles with optional accessories and provides a selection of colours second to none.

COLOUR – Whether it is the ‘colour-on’ surface finishes or the ‘colour-through’ options the Boral concrete tile range complements new flat wall finishes and exterior trims.

AFFORDABLE – Concrete tiles are the most popular choice for roofing in Australia. With great looks at low pricing it’s hard to see why.

STRENGTH – Boral concrete roof tiles are manufactured to strict strength specifications with them actually getting stronger with age. Salt safe and frost resistant they are suitable for any location including coastal areas.

Concrete roof tiles are well suited for:

- Rainwater collection - Great thermal properties due to their mass - Low on embodied energy content - Non-combustible - Great wind resistance - Great sound insulation - Proven durability - Virtually maintenance free.