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Coloured and Textured

Coloured Honed

Embrace the elegance of this block as its subtle sparkle of natural aggregate shines through. Limestone, Pebble and Nickel are just a few colours that comprise the elegant and versatile colour range of GB Honed.More>>

Coloured Honed $poa
Coloured Polished

This involves producing a denser block which is honed and then buffed. The polishing process reveals the aggregate used in the blocks composition, giving them a lustrous finish. Polishing enriches the colour of the aggregates. The finely finished polished surface is ideal for feature walls, trims ... More>>

Coloured Polished $poa
Coloured Shot Blast

Experience the subtle texture of Shot Blast. This process subtly exposes the aggregates, producing a weathered, stone-like finish.


Coloured Shot Blast $poa
Coloured Split Face

The Split Face range features contemporary colours that are ideal for contemporary projects. The splitting process used to create these blocks produces a bold textured, exposed aggregate finish.


Coloured Split Face $poa
Smooth Coloured

Its smooth surface gives a soft glow to any project. Offering a range of colours, you will find the perfect colour for you.


Smooth Coloured $poa
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