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We pride ourselves on the range, and the knowlegde of the range of bricks we carry. With a HUGE stock yard on site, many are ready to go when you are. If we don't have it on site, you better believe we can order it in for you from all the major brands there are.

Bricks are generally classified as either extruded (holes) or dry-pressed (no holes/solid). Both extruded and dry-pressed are available as both face bricks and commons. In many cases, specialty bricks are available to match, although it's predominantly the dry-pressed range.

Sub Categories:
Bricks > Clinkers
Bricks > Commons - Extruded & Dry Pressed
Bricks > Dry-Pressed Bricks (Solid)
Bricks > Glazed Bricks
Bricks > Refractory Bricks
Bricks > Sandstock Bricks
Bricks > Speciality Bricks
Bricks > Split/Rock Faced Bricks
Bricks > Texture - Extruded

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