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Combining the lasting beauty of sandstone and the versatility and strength of concrete, Rockface Blocks will compliment any style of building and landscaping.

Whether you are building a full ‘sandstone’ home or wanting ‘sandstone’ corners, lintels or sills, this system has no equal.

The Rockface Blocks system of manufacture was developed over 25 years ago from modest beginnings in Kurnell, Sydney. Since that time it has earned its reputation as being the standout product of its type in the country. With a clientele stretching from Far North Queensland down to the southern most points of the Australian mainland, Rockface Blocks has worked its magic on homes of all shapes and sizes.

All blocks are individually manufactured to very tight tolerances which mean each block is a labour of love. Great care is taken from the setting of the moulds right through to the finished product being packed and made ready for shipment. This product is made ‘colour through’, meaning that it is not a facing mechanically fixed to a block backing. In this way all blocks may be trimmed/cut and re-faced with no worries about the backing block being seen. This also gives the blocks a depth and intensity that you will not find in any other man made masonry product.

These blocks can be made in many purpose made shapes and sizes but the general sizes are purpose made for particular uses.

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Rockface Blocks > Dry-Stack Retaing Wall
Rockface Blocks > House Blocks - 100 Series
Rockface Blocks > Retaining Walls/Feature Walls - 200 Series
Rockface Blocks > Speciality Blocks
Dry-Stack Retaing Wall

These blocks are made for either the DIY handyman or the professional landscaper. They are specifically designed for low retaining walls or garden edging. Maximum height should not exceed 800mm. Even as a dry-stack system, they are manufactured with the view of them being core filled with conc ... More>>

Dry-Stack Retaing Wall $poa
House Blocks - 100 Series

These blocks are purpose made for veneer construction. The come in two sizes, 470mm long and 590mm long. Both blocks can take the place of bricks in standard veneer construction and are designed in increments of brickwork. The height of each block is 247mm (which is the same as two courses of ... More>>

House Blocks - 100 Series $poa
Retaining Walls/Feature Walls - 200 Series

These blocks are also made in the same brick increments as the 100 Series except that they are 200mm wide. This style of block is idea should you be wanting the BIG sandstone block look in those larger retaining walls but without the price tag.

Designed to be core filled and steel reinforc ... More>>

Retaining Walls/Feature Walls - 200 Series $poa
Speciality Blocks

We have a complete range of speciality blocks. From 1 piece pier blocks, federation capping, pyramid caps, fascia’s and made to order pier and sill pieces, you will be spoilt for choice.

The range and possibilities is endless so we would suggest that a visit to our display yard on the Paci ... More>>

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