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Retaining walls are generally constructed for the purpose of retaining earth where the level of the natural ground has been altered and new levels need to be established.

Not to be confused with garden edging, retaining walls are generally referred to as being 600mm or higher. Check local council regulations in regards to local requirements.

Retaining walls can be key element to any outdoor area and are every bit as important as anything else you choose for your home. The simple fact is the choice you make now will determine whether you not only gain maximum advantage of the space you have but as to whether you actually may end up having to build it again in the future. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. This is never more evident in the choice of blocks you make. As a general rule, cheap blocks are cheap for a reason. Their capacity to do the job you are asking it to do needs to be explored rather than thinking everything else is too expensive. There are so many factors that come into play. If these are ignored the prospect of the project becoming a disaster multiplies tenfold.

This is where dealing with trade qualified professionals at Premier Bricks comes in. Getting the right advice and using the correct type of block in the first instance is far cheaper than simply purchasing the cheapest block from the nearest nursery or hardware store only to have your investment falling down around you.

With correct design, block type, colour selection and construction method, your walling has the potential to be a highlight of your outdoor area rather than being an eye-sore and something you regret having done every time you look at it.

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Concrete Sleepers

A great option if you still want the timber look without the termite/rot issues. These sleepers are made from reinforced concrete and moulded from real hardwood rail sleepers. In black and grey, they look like the real thing.

Designed for walling up to 800mm, they could be the answer to n ... More>>

Concrete Sleepers $poa
Dry-stack Blocks

This type of walling is the most common of the domestic masonry walling systems. Walls are constructed by dry-stacking purpose made interlocking blocks. There are dozens of types and colours on the market BUT not all are suitable for ALL applications.

Depending on the block design, they ... More>>

Dry-stack Blocks $poa
Masonry Block walling

Walling is constructed using the specified size and type of masonry block and laid with mortar joints. The type of block used is determined by the customer on their preference and in the instance of it being engineered, the exact type of block will be specified by the designing engineer.

I ... More>>

Masonry Block walling $poa
Treated Pine

Regarded as ‘temporary’ walling in the industry. If treated pine retaining walls were built to meet specified requirements they are no cheaper than masonry walling. The reason they are regarded as being cheaper to construct is that people, both tradesmen and home owners alike, use horizontal sl ... More>>

Treated Pine $poa
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