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Bricks (as pavers)

Bricks can be used to achieve that rustic look. Use of either dry-pressed commons or ‘sandstock’ bricks can give you a finish in keeping with cottage garden designs of the past.

These types of bricks can be used in this scenario because they have no holes and will give you a solid finish. ... More>>

Bricks (as pavers) $poa
Clay Pavers - Body
Usually associated with being the small ‘brick size’ pavers that have been around for decades. As they are a fired clay product the colours are deep and they will NEVER fade. Available not only in the standard 230x115mm but also 230x150mm, 184x92mm, 230x230mm, 300x300mm 400x400mm and 460x230mm. T ... More>>

Clay Pavers - Body $poa
Clay Pavers - Bullnose/Copers
Manufactured to match with body pavers. Not only for use as a pool coping but also as capping for walls and step treads. Comes in a range of sizes 230x115mm, 230x230mm, 300x300mm, 300x350mm and 400x400mm. Deep, rich colours that look stunning. More>>

Clay Pavers - Bullnose/Copers $poa
Commercial Pavers
Specially made for commercial/industrial applications. Most are used where permable paving is required to comply with development applications/approvals. Generally 60mm-80mm in thickness and come in limited colours. More>>

Commercial Pavers $poa
Large Format - Wet Cast Body Pavers
Pavers are made in individual moulds in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Available in a large range of sizes including but not limited to 600x400mm, 500x500mm, 450x450mm, 400x400mm, 300x300mm. Quality can vary greatly and it is generally considered you get what you pay for. More>>

Large Format - Wet Cast Body Pavers $poa
Large Format - Wet Cast Bullnose Pavers
Manufactured in individual moulds. Usually associated with pool surrounds, bullnose pavers may also be considered for use as wall capping, especially where used for seating, step treads and feature work. Some companies make bullnose pavers designed to fit specific pool shapes. With purpose made ... More>>

Large Format - Wet Cast Bullnose Pavers $poa
Pressed Coloured Pavers
Pavers are mass produced in a small range of colours. Cheaper than wet cast pavers and do not have any texture or features to speak of. General sizes available are 200x100mm, 230x115mm, 200x200mm, 220x220mm, 227x227mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm. Most are either 40mm or 50mm in thickness. T ... More>>

Pressed Coloured Pavers $poa
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