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A variety of natural stone is available, be it travertine, sandstone, granites and marbles. As the majority of these pavers are imported, availability is dependent on the importers stock levels. Sizes are generally 400x400mm, 600x400mm, 400x200mm and 200x200mm. Some pieces can come in 1000mm-1200mm lengths but are quite heavy to handle.

All these pavers are generally 30mm thick. Some are available in a 12-15mm tile thickness. Some are available in a ‘French Pattern’ which is a mix of all four sizes which is laid in a random pattern. Some are more suited to some applications than others.

Natural stone, by the very nature of the product is subject to variations in colour and texture. Be aware of this when considering this product. Bullnose pieces are available in most stone types.

Generally all of these products are imported and as such availability is determined what the importers have on hand. When looking at doing a project it is advisable to receive ALL the product at the one time to not only ensure you have enough to finish the job but to also ensure that it is coming from the same supplier. Just because it has the same name will not gaurentee that it is from the same quarry. Just something to keep in mind.

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