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Cultured Stone

Premier Bricks is the sole Newcastle distributor of Cultured Stone. Not since man started living in dwellings built entirely of stone has the stone finish been so popular.

Stone has always been associated with strength, durability and longevity. Without question it adds beauty and characte ... More>>

Cultured Stone $poa
Federation Capping

Federation Capping $poa
Foundation Stone

Foundation Stone $poa
Glass Blocks

Glass Blocks $poa

Item $poa
Pier Blocks

Pier Blocks $poa
Pier Capping

Pier Capping $poa
Rock-Face Block
If it is the ‘real’ split face, large sandstone look you are after, it can be easily achieved with our Rockface Block fascia pieces. Available in 590mm x 247mm x 40mm and 470mm x 247mm x 40mm pieces, you can quickly turn any plain wall into a masterpiece. With corner pieces also available, the pos ... More>>

Rock-Face Block $poa

Seating $poa
Stone Quoining

Stone Quoining $poa

Walling $poa
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