What We Offer


Whether you are putting in a pool or just renovating a courtyard, getting things right from the beginning can be the difference between creating an oasis or a nightmare. 

With 70+ years of experience behind us, Premier Bricks can assist you with all of your structural landscaping requirements. With fully licensed and insured tradesmen ready to assist you with everything from concept and design through to supply and completion, there really is no one else like us.

Because we are construction specialists, we can tell you whether a product is suitable for your requirements rather than simply chasing a sale.

Pride in workmanship and the clients complete satisfaction in what has been designed and constructed is paramount. No short cuts, no cheap options and certainly no shonky deals, Premier Bricks are the real deal. We have been around too long to do it any other way.

We encourage you to come into our yard, see how different products have been used and discuss your requirements with people who actually work in the trade. This type of work is not a side line for us, we do not sell plants or hardware. We are the people that builders, architects and designers come to for the right information.

We promise, you're in great hands from start to finish.



We pride ourselves in providing the best brick matching service in the whole state. With a group of staff that has over 70 combined years in the industry, it is likely we have already seen your brick on a few occasions and already know what will match best, or we know a few options, in which case we will stand with you and help you decide. If a match for your brick cannot be found, we will tell you. We will not try to sell you something that we know will not like right. This service is free and is something only our customers enjoy.


Being a business who supplies bricklayers, builders and landscapers, we know who you can safely and confidently deal with.  We are able to put you in direct contact with professional trades and services.