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Hopefully your questions can be answered below. If you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

"Do you have a minimum order?

That all depends on whether the brick is a stock item. Some bricks need to be purchased by the pack size, whether that be 336/400/460/500. We do carry a lot of bricks in stock and we are happy to split packs to offer you as many as required. Blocks and pavers have no minimum, but if we need to order in, there may be a freight charge involved to bring them in.

"What days do you deliver to our area?"

There are no set days for set areas. We just deliver as they come in and work it out to try get everything on site in a timely manner without driving all over the country side every day. 

"Do you do brick matching?" or "What is the process of getting a brick matched?"

When it comes to matching old bricks or even existing new bricks, we can generally get pretty close, although some older bricks are impossible to match. The best way to match is to bring in any loose bricks if possible. If not, then a few good quality photos can usually do the trick.

"What time can we collect?"

All collections are to be completed through Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 3:30pm. 

The collection yard is closed on Saturdays.

"How do you unload?"

All deliveries are made by using a forklift off the back of the truck.

"Do you have a price list you can send through?"

Unfortunately we do not have a price list to send through. We have so many products that it would be a book rather than a list. If you can give us an understanding of what products you were looking for or what you are trying to create at home, we can definitely put a bit of a list together for you.

Blush ad (2).jpg
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